The Anim: Book I

Sunrays Among Shadows


After an abduction left them without memories of their childhood, Lily and Liam Howell have led a quiet life. For twenty years, they’ve avoided the topic of their disappearance, carefully tiptoeing around each other in fear of what they might expose or discover.

Until Lily remembers something. Then she’s willing to do anything to recover their lost year. But there’s a reason they were made to forget.


Jasper Behrtram has a task to complete, and through the use of charm and wit, he has successfully managed to abduct numerous children from another world. But even he doesn’t know why he’s received these orders. He only knows that the punishment for failure far exceeds the struggles of his ensuing moral dilemma.

Until he meets Lily. Then he starts to think that, just this once, it might be worth it to disobey. But the consequences of his defiance will affect everyone around him … including the Howell siblings.

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Sunrays among shadows

It doesn’t matter, I thought. Who cares what you do or say anymore? I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew what I wanted to say. With whatever power was left in me, I would make her abandon that smile.

I squared my shoulders, set my jaw, and stared right back at her. I said, nearly breathless, “I can’t do this anymore.” Then, with a little more conviction, a little more finality: “I won’t.”